Europe is recovering: successful start-up for the second scrap shear delivered in Moldavia

Moldovan recyclers contribute to the development of scrap processing. 

Pulled by the automotive sector requiring large volumes of metals for vehicle body and part manufacturing, scrap metal markets in Central and Eastern Europe present growing opportunities. In addition, there has been a general surge in demand for metal products – notably in the construction and electronics sectors.

With seven scrap yards operating across the country and strong outlets with neighboring steel producers, Metalferos is the leader in the scrap business in Moldova for the recycling of ferrous and non ferrous metals.

The actual volume of recycling scrap is about 240 000 tons per year and they are expecting to grow up their production till 400 000 in the next years. After a first CIV600-8 start-up in September 2016, it is a second press-wings shear-baler that has just been received by a very satisfied customer.