Shredder industry

Shredder solutions for all recycling streams at BULK .ID

BULK .ID offers the shredder industry a full-scale range of solutions. From complete shredder plants to concentrating metals and plastics and finishing cleaning lines of shredder residue. BULK .ID assists you in creating an added value out of your residue streams.

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BULK .ID has already delivered many installations for processing diverse shredder streams: crushers, car shredders, non-ferro separators, Eddy Current, flip flow,…


Shredder Plant

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Our many years of experience allow us to think together with you in an innovative way. Our partnership with reputed German constructors is an additional asset in this matter. This ensures you to be and remain representative in your sector. That’s why our expertise is the way to go.


Disused cars are recycled for 95% with BULK .ID turnkey processing lines.

What started out with the separation of ferro and non-ferro streams has evolved through the years into complete processing lines for the processing of fluff, fines, plastics, light and heavy fractions,… BULK .ID can even separate the finest fractions into profitable streams. This way, the purity of end streams increases year after year.


Pure stainless steel after cleaning with KSS sensor machine.

BULKID_recycling shredder_zuiver PCB

Printed circuit boards recovered out of shredder residue with KSS sensor machine.

BULK .ID succeeds in installing complete processing lines that are able to recover 95% of material.