Fines recycling

Recycling and processing fines of diverse material streams

Through the years, BULK ID has developed itself as a true specialist for this matter. The shredder industry plays a pioneer role here.

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This sector is under enormous pressure to achieve high recycling results. Thanks to the continuous development of new techniques of our exclusive partners, the shredder industry now achieves a recycling efficiency of more than 95%, which is also imposed by the legislation. Installations for processing granulometry smaller than 3 mm are no problem for BULK .ID.

At the same time, the processing of bottom ash also evolved intensively. As a result, BULK .ID now introduces a full range of solutions to offer new processing lines consistent with the latest technical standards. Examples are Finesmaster, high frequent Eddy Current, flip flow, etc.

BULK .ID_Steinert_EddyC Fines_Eddy Current_SortingTechnology_Fines

Eddy C Fines

BULK .ID is also the right partner for the optimisation of your current processing line. Also have a look at our turnkey solutions.


Fines out of shredder residue contains a large part of organic fraction.

Fines: herwonnen fijne lichte non-ferro uit verbrandingsas met TrennSo luchttafel

Recovered fine light non-ferro out of combustion ash with TrennSo separating table.

BULKID_fines_ZNF IBA-recycle

Recovered fine heavy non-ferro out of combustion ash with TrennSo separating table.