Mechanical waste treatment of municipal solid waste

Complex processing line based on modular design.

Girexim Universal SA was founded in 1996 as a small local waste collector and is today one of the largest processors of non-hazardous waste in Romania. Girexim operates two waste disposal sites, three sorting plants, seven transfer stations and two MBA plants in the Pitesti county. With the smallest HAAS pre-shredder, the TYRON 1500, Girexim succeeded in shredding the waste effortlessly to the desired end product size because of the intelligent HAAS twin-shaft system.

For the realisation of a mechanical processing line, the Romanian waste collector relied on the technology of Lybover RECYCLING partner HAAS. GIREXIM. The throughput of the designed line should not be less than 125 m³/h, which is up to 55 t/h depending on the material mix. The organic fraction must be separated from recyclables and potentially energy-efficient waste in the best possible way.

It became a complex line with several components, starting with a feed hopper embedded in the ground incl. a chain belt conveyor. The input material is transported via the conveyor to the HAAS TYRON 2000-E XL 2.0 and shredded by the primary shredder to a size less than 300 mm. The overband magnet separates iron before the material flow is divided into two fractions <> 80 mm with the HTS 9025 drum screen.

Finally, both, the fine fraction < 80 mm and the coarse fraction > 80 mm are cleaned of non-ferrous metals by two nonferrous separators.
The fine fraction / organic material is collected for further biological treatment. The coarse fraction is supplied to cement and RDF power plants. The plant runs in single-shift operation, eight hours a day, five days a week. The modular design of the plant allows it to be expanded to include additional process steps such as windsifting and secondary shredding.

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