Lybover RECYCLING supplies reliable and solid PEINER grabs to Wilmet

Salzgitter, the city of the steel industry, is where PEINER SMAG Lifting Technologies is located. A long time ago they designed their first grab for the scrap industry. Now, 35 years later, they supply Wilmet with the most reliable, solid and low-maintenance grabs in the world.

Wilmet Group is a dynamic metal recycling company in Wallonia. The group has been active for more than 50 years in the recycling of ferrous and non-ferrous metals as well as in the recycling of electrical and electronic materials. With approximately 50 employees, Wilmet processes 70,000 tonnes/year, 70% of which is ferrous and 30% non-ferrous. In order to be able to handle the products smoothly, Wilmet went in search of solid grabs that are resistant to abrasive materials and can work trouble-free. For this purpose, the company contacted Lybover RECYCLING as exclusive distributor of PEINER Greifer in Belgium. In total, 3 multi-shell grabs were delivered. These are orange peel grabs specially designed for the scrap industry. The first grab was delivered at subsidiary Duvigneaud. They were so satisfied with the operation, the quality of the grab and the good and fast service that they immediately bought two extra PEINER grabs for subsidiary Wilmet and Samital.

“We were so satisfied with the fast and reliable delivery of the spare parts that we decided to purchase our new grabs from Lybover RECYCLING as well. I was immediately convinced of the quality,” says Guy Delespesse, operations manager at Wilmet.

Solid, versatile and universally deployable PEINER grabs

The grabs have five different driven arms with capacities ranging from 450 litres to 10 m³. They are fully equipped with technical gadgets to function perfectly in the scrap industry. The hydraulic pipes, electrical wiring and connections are optimally protected. The hydraulic cylinders are also protected against mechanical damage. The inside and outside of the grab arms are made of special wear-resistant steel. The self-adjusting pump, with integrated control, ensures greater energy efficiency, protects the motor and optimises the closure of the shells.
The grab can also be fully adjusted according to the material. The optimum working height, the low centre of gravity and the robust design make the grab versatile and universally applicable.

PEINER grabs proven reliability and sturdiness

The five-shell grabs are often used in incinerators and have already proven their reliability and sturdiness. In the incineration of household waste, the grabs are used very intensively and continuously and a defect cannot be afforded.

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