Lybover RECYCLING partner STEINERT launches new CHUTEC chute sorter

The new STEINERT CHUTEC chute sorter rounds off the portfolio of sensor-based sorting equipment for non-ferrous metals and allows heavy metals right down to a size of 5 mm to be sorted. This makes STEINERT the only provider to offer its customers both eddy current separators and high-resolution X-ray sorters for the highest possible level of recovery and cleaning from one source.

Recover fine non-ferrous metals
The recovery of non-ferrous metals using the STEINERT EddyC and the sorting of light and heavy metals in small grain sizes using the STEINERT XSS-T is nothing new. But what is new is the option of using X-ray fluorescence to economically separate ultra-pure products down to a fine grain of 5 mm and recover zinc, brass and copper in their purest form at this grain size. After separation, the qualities are pure enough to be ready to smelt.

STEINERT CHUTEC chute sorter

Customers deploy the STEINERT CHUTEC chute sorter to sort heavy metals right down to a grain size of 5 mm

Developed for the operators of ASR and IBA plants
The operators of plants for sorting heavy non-ferrous metals (ZEBRA) from incineration bottom ash (IBA) or automotive shredder residues (ASR) will welcome this innovation. The objective of sorting remains the same, namely to separate and upgrade non-ferrous heavy metals into metal types such as aluminium, copper, zinc, brass or stainless steel. But now the fine-grain fraction can be processed too.

Zinc 5 mm

Purest zinc (5 mm) sorted using the STEINERT CHUTEC

X-ray fluorescence delivers purity
In metal analysis, X-ray fluorescence analysis (RFA) is a standard method for determining the elemental composition. With STEINERT CHUTEC, X-ray fluorescence (XRF) is also used as a technology in sorting of metals. The chute sorting system combines the signals from the XRF unit with 3D information in order to achieve a precise level of classification and separation. For larger and heterogeneous material, the option of sorting with the STEINERT KSS | XF belt-based machine has proven its reliability in practice.
The sorting produces concentrates of different types of metal, which display a quality suitable for immediate use in reprocessing smelting plants. This refinement level thus makes an important contribution to returning metals to the raw material cycle.

 STEINERT KSS / XF belt machine

The STEINERT KSS / XF belt machine (on the left) is an option for sorting larger and heterogeneous heavy metals

With STEINERT, partner of Lybover RECYCLING, customers are able to procure sorting solutions, including non-ferrous metal separators and X-ray sorting equipment, from one source. Business owners very much appreciate minimising coordination work to free up more time for developing metal recycling concepts. 

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