Screening solutions for separating, sorting and dewatering

Lybover BULK .ID as your supplier of turnkey integrated sorting solutions. Depending the demands we define the screening solution and integrate it into a turnkey solution.

2D screens

2D screens for sieving cubic materials.

Flat screens are extremely suitable for sifting all kinds of materials. The screens are executed in 1 or multi-deck (up to 5) with or without an ATEX certificate. The type of screen deck is determined together with the customer by means of a test at the customer or in our test center. A test report substantiates the performance guarantees that are given afterwards. The requirements in the chemical industry are very high, so that an extremely accurate finish of the screens is expected.

3D screens

3D screens for recycling material with long parts.

Recycling material is very diverse and often contains long parts such as bars, cables, PVC pipes, etc. Spaleck has developed this special 3D screen to prevent these long parts falling through the screen deck and disturbing the further processing process. This screen uses a specially shaped screen deck to sieve even long parts.

BULK .ID_Spaleck_Zeefmachine

Combi screens

When recycling and processing, you need high-performance technology. Every material places their own requirements on the screening technology. As the SPALECK 3D Combi has been developed together with leading recycling companies, this screening machine is tailored perfectly to your requirements and application.

Thanks to this 2 in 1 solution, you save money, steel construction and space. After the installation, the 3D Combi convinced with excellent, constant screening results and a convincing high-performance.


  • Nearly blockage-free screening in the upper and lower deck thanks to tried and tested 3D and Flip-Flow technology.
  • The 3D screening segments guarantee correct grain size with no long pieces or extraneous material for the tension shaft screen on the lower deck.
  • The Flip-Flow screen with screwless mounted screen mats avoids unnecessary cleaning.
  • This combination of 2 system solutions in 1 machine enables you to make enormous savings on conveying equipment, steel structures and space.


Flip-Flow screens

Designed for efficient screening of difficult, sticky or wet materials with separation cuts of 0.2. to approx. 50 mm.

Screening machines must be reliable and powerful. With our Flip-Flow screens, you optimize the processing of your screening material. The machine performance is a guarantee for the strong performance of your recycling system.

Worldwide, SPALECK Flip-Flow screens set the benchmark for efficiency, reliability and effectiveness. If optimum screening performance, quality and the screening result are important for you then the SPALECK Flip-Flow screening technology is just right for you.


  • Non blinding screening mats – less contamination
  • Compact and modular construction
  • Single- or multi-deck execution
  • Dynamic wear resistant screening mats allow an efficient material flow – screwless mounted (fast changeover).
  • The high acceleration on the screening mats ensures a self-cleaning effect.
  • Infinite adjustment of the vibrating parameters to match changing product characteristics / qualities
  • Low operating and maintenance costs                                                                                           

Dewatering screens

For the recycling industry we are developing and producing solutions for the dewatering of material flows. Wether processing slag, C&D and C&I waste or, for example, biowaste: Spaleck dewatering screens do a great job and simplify the further processing through an efficient dewatering.


  • Efficient dewatering of all kinds of wet and bulky materials
  • Optionally with sprinkling systems for cleaning the material respectively the screening-media
  • Optionally with injection-moulded plastic lining
  • Exchangeable screen-media for adaptation to changing materials characteristics
  • Variable inclination and gradiënt setting for adjusting the degree of drainage

Shear-scrap feeders

Perfectly made for heavy and demanding applications.

Our shear-scrap feeders are manufactured to accurately fit your task. For example with an additional cascade and screening-area to lossen the material and to screen out impurities.


  • For high densities
  • In order to homogenise the feed material
  • Absorption of impact energy (high unit weights)
  • Extremely robus design with integrated damping
  • Optionally with integrated screen-section

ActiveCLEAN vibratory feeder

For the ultimate clean and economic processing in front of sorting-machines.

SPALECK‘s ActiveCLEAN Vibratory Feeder is the new benchmark for the processing of wet and sticky materials.

The selfcleaning system distributes the material in an optimal way. ActiveCLEAN actively prevents the caking and sticking.
Downtime because of cleaning is completely eliminated.