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Steven Vandenbulcke
Plant Manager A&S Energie

Steinert installations are known for their very high degree of separation. This was an absolute prerequisite for us, as we want to handle raw materials in a sustainable way and thus recover the maximum amount of raw materials. Before we purchased the installations, tests were carried out at Steinert which confirmed this degree of separation". Lybover BULK (Motogroup) was eligible to supply the conveyors as they provide robust and stable systems that work trouble-free. This is very important as we run 12 months/year - 24/24h. We only have one maintenance period per year."

Maintenance Manager COSUCRA

Our collaboration with Lybover RECYCLING went very well. We usually don't work with new suppliers because the risk of production downtime is too high. Indeed, our factory achieves its full annual turnover in 5 to 6 months. But Lybover RECYCLING was able to convince us of the quality of the engineering and the Spaleck sieves.The great advantage of the Spaleck sieve was that it could be installed without any other major modifications. This was not the case with the competition."

Cedric Lavarde
Director Metaltech

We have worked with Lybover RECYCLING to create added value from our residual waste. Lybover RECYCLING built a turnkey sorting line for this purpose. The challenge for companies, especially for recycling companies, who are trying to optimise their production process, is that the quality has to improve all the time and at the same time the degree of separation has to be as high as possible. Thanks to the cooperation with Lybover RECYCLING and their extensive experience, we have been able to upgrade our residual waste and we can now work on other developments in other types of material flows. After all, our goal is more and better sorting."

Bart Velghe
Production Manager of the logistics department of EuroChem Antwerp

A year ago, EuroChem Antwerp was faced with a particularly difficult puzzle for the construction of the new elevator for placing this equipment in the existing building. The new elevator had to be built in a very limited space and had to fit perfectly with the other new machines in this transport line, but also to the existing conveyors. Aumund and Lybover RECYCLING (BULK .ID) worked out a customised solution for this and helped to ensure that this transport line could be built into the existing building. RECYCLING (BULK .ID) did a very good job!"

Luc Waignein
Chief R&D Officer Galloo

The big advantage of working with the Lybover group for our fines line was that they could deliver a turnkey concept and have experience in building recycling lines."

Arie de Bode
Director Heros Sluiskil

The managing director of Heros Sluiskil is pleased to see that the new bottom ash reprocessing plant and the related non-ferrous plant have been realised on time."

Guy Delespesse
Operations Manager Wilmet

We were so satisfied with the fast and reliable delivery of the spare parts that we decided to purchase our new grabs from Lybover RECYCLING as well. I was immediately convinced of the quality,”