System engineering for separation and conveyance

Lybover RECYCLING (BULK .ID) is also the right partner for engineering assignments. For this purpose, our team of project engineers is at your service.


3D image of a recycling line.

Contact our project engineers

After a first orientation meeting and a clear definition of the inquiry, a file will be made that meets your specifications. This can go from a feasibility study and CAPEX-file to the specific engineering of a final project. You can choose how far you want to go in this.



3D image of realised screening line on a mobile shredder.

All Lybover RECYCLING (BULK .ID) turnkey installations are completely designed and drawn in 3D. This allows the customer to virtually walk around the installation so to speak. This way, we guarantee that the customer receives a fully customised concept.

BULK .ID_Engineering_Recycling

All installations are drawn in 3D.

Measuring the existing installation is crucial if new machines need to be installed in an existing process. Lybover RECYCLING (BULK .ID) is fully dedicated to 3D scanning. Millions of points are measured and mapped with a special camera. In consequence, the new machine can easily be integrated in an existing installation.

BULK .ID_REcycling_Engineering

From concept to realisation. Bar screen integrated in an existing process.