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Lybover RECYCLING is specialized in high-quality solutions for separating and transporting bulk goods

BULK .ID (Lybover Recycling) engineers, builds and maintains installations for separation and handling of various material flows.

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BULK .ID (Lybover Recycling) has been supplying high-quality solutions for sorting and treating various material flows for many years. To this end, we work together with renowned German manufacturers who deliver quality and constantly innovate. The expertise of a German partner and our experience with engineering, construction work, assembly and service guarantee the customer a carefree realization of his projects.

BULK .ID (Lybover Recycling) offices

Mission, vision and values


BULK .ID (Lybover Recycling) supplies machines and installations for:

– the storage and transhipment of bulk goods
– the separation of various material flows

in the recycling, lime and cement industry and transhipment and port companies. The customized solutions are a combination of years of experience, know-how of our employees and our extensive technical knowledge.


BULK .ID (Lybover Recycling) wants to be a market leader and offers a wide range of solutions for separating and valorizing various material flows. BULK .ID (Lybover Recycling) thinks along with you and guides you to the most suitable solutions.


1. Custom-made solutions
2. Total solutions
3. Engineering
4. Custom-made quality
5. Result is important
6. Service – very client focused
7. Specific know-how


Business unit Recycling advises and works out a concrete solution for you in order to gain a maximum return from your waste flow. Thanks to the fact that we can rely on different techniques, we can work out a custom-made solution for you. We are not tied to 1 supplier, but we can work together with different manufacturers.

Origin and evolution

On 16 March 2009, the family Boels took over BULK .ID (Lybover Recycling).

BULK .ID (Lybover Recycling) is exclusive agent in Belgium for a number of well-known German manufacturers of equipment for bulk treatments, cement and related industries:

1. Aumund: specialist in mechanical transport systems in the cement and related sectors – (aumund.com)
2. Ibau: specialist in setting up silos and pneumatic transport to silos for cement and related sectors – (ibauhamburg.de)
3. SMAG: specialist in making Peiner grippers for all forms of trading of bulk products – (smag.de and www.peiner.de)
4. Steinert: specialist in designing and supplying equipment for separating ferrous and non-ferrous materials from bulk streams (steinert.de)

BULK .ID (Lybover Recycling) is integrated within the Lybover group 
Over the years, the number of suppliers and the exclusive partnerships have been further expanded:

  1. Spaleck
  2. TrennSo Technik
  3. Hamos